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Mars Rover To Explore Crater Secrets
The Mars rover Opportunity is perched above a crater that researchers said could open up a window into the mysterious - and possibly wet - history of the Red Planet -
Image Reveals Mars' Active Past
Europe's Mars Express probe has sent back detailed images of a region of the Red Planet that was shaped by intensive continental plate activity - BBC NEWS
Big Discovery Redraws Map Of The Milky Way
A 50-year-old map of the Milky Way will have to be redrawn after Australian astronomers made the astonishing discovery that our spiral galaxy has a huge, outflung arm, New Scientist reports in next Saturday's issue - SpaceDaily
Pushing The Limit: Possible First Photo Of Extrasolar Planet
In a preliminary analysis of new data, astronomers say they may have imaged a planet outside our solar system for the first time by using a tricky new method to ferret out dim objects from the light of a star -
Two Hot Planets Seen Orbiting Very Close To Parent Stars
European astronomers have confirmed a new class of objects, known as "very hot Jupiters", which are large, extremely hot, and orbit their parent star in an orbit that only takes a couple of days - Universe Today
Cassini's First Glimpses Of Titan
The veils of Saturn's most mysterious moon have begun to lift in Cassini's eagerly awaited, first glimpse of the surface of Titan - SpaceDaily
City-Sized Asteroid To Pass Earth This Fall
On Sept. 29, 2004 an asteroid the size of a small city will make the closest known pass of such a very large space rock anytime this century -
NASA's Genesis Spacecraft On Final Lap Toward Home
NASA's Genesis spacecraft flew past Earth on Saturday in a loop that puts it on track for home - and a dramatic mid-air recovery Sept. 8 - Spaceflight Now
Unmanned European Shuttle Phoenix Lands Safely
An unmanned prototype of a European space shuttle glided safely back to Earth on Saturday after being dropped from nearly 8,000 feet up by a helicopter -
Sea Launch Company Puts US Satellite Into Orbit
The consortium Sea Launch said it had placed a large US satellite in orbit on Monday - SpaceDaily
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