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Cosmos 1 Likely Lost
A day after launch from a Russian submarine in the Barents Sea, north of the Arctic Circle, the fate of Cosmos 1, the first solar-sail spacecraft, remains unclear - Astronomy
Natural Particle Accelerator Discovered
Astronomers have discovered a binary system of a blue giant and a pulsar that operate as a natural particle accelerator, raising the energy levels of simple photons to some of the highest possible energies - Universe Today
Dusty Ring Fingers Unseen Planet
Astronomers discovered 20 years ago, using infrared light, that a dust ring encircles the bright star Fomalhaut. New visual observations made with the Hubble Space Telescope, however, show the ring in much greater detail: It is narrow, it has a sharp inner edge, and it is offset from the star - Astronomy
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Violent Jet Detected Spewing From Brown Dwarf
A jet of matter has been detected spewing from a brown dwarf for the first time, mimicking a process seen in young stars - New Scientist
Land Of The Giants
Our solar system appears stable and well-ordered, with small planets near the Sun and larger planets farther away. But if computer models are right, this appearance is an illusion; our past was violent and chaotic - Astronomy
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Detour: Planetary Construction Zone Ahead
Interstellar travelers might want to detour around the star system TW Hydrae to avoid a messy planetary construction site - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
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'Flying Eyeball' To Inspect Spacecraft
A little spherical spacecraft may soon be buzzing around the exterior of the International Space Station and the space shuttles to inspect for any damage - New Scientist
Deep Impact: To The Heart Of A Comet With Europe’s Contribution
On 4 July 2005 at 07:52 CEST (Central European Summer Time) NASA’s Deep Impact mission, launched on 12 January this year, will start exploring a comet's interior by creating a crater with an impactor spacecraft, allowing another spacecraft to look deep inside the comet during a fly-by immediately afterwards - ESA
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Martian Life Might Threaten Human Mission
Before the US sends humans to Mars, it should rule out the possibility of dangerous life forms on the planet, a NASA advisory panel has reported - New Scientist
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Sea Launch Successfully Launches Intelsat Americasâ„¢-8 Satellite
Sea Launch Company today [June 23] successfully delivered the Intelsat Americasâ„¢-8 (IA-8) communications satellite to geosynchronous transfer orbit - Boeing
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