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New Crew Docks With Space Station
The Soyuz spacecraft with the 13th International Space Station crew, Commander Pavel Vinogradov and NASA Science Officer Jeffrey Williams, docked with the orbiting laboratory at 11:19 p.m. EST Friday [Mar. 31st] - NASA
Cassini Finds 'Missing Link' Moonlet Evidence In Saturn's Rings
Scientists with NASA's Cassini mission have found evidence that a new class of small moonlets resides within Saturn's rings. There may be as many as 10 million of these objects within one of Saturn's rings alone - NASA/JPL
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Cassini's Best Maps of Jupiter (South Polar Map)
These color maps of Jupiter were constructed from images taken by the narrow-angle camera onboard NASA's Cassini spacecraft on Dec. 11 and 12, 2000, as the spacecraft neared Jupiter during its flyby of the giant planet - NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
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New Map Of Milky Way Charts Where Stars Are Born
A team of astronomers from Boston University’s Institute for Astrophysical Research has produced the clearest map to-date of the giant gas clouds in the Milky Way that serve as the birthplaces of stars - Boston University
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Craft Begins Adjusting Orbit
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter yesterday [Mar. 30th] began a crucial six-month campaign to gradually shrink its orbit into the best geometry for the mission's science work - NASA/JPL
Cluster And Double Star Witness A New Facet Of Earth’s Magnetic Behaviour
Five spacecraft from two ESA missions unexpectedly found themselves engulfed by waves of electrical and magnetic energy as they travelled through Earth’s night-time shadow on 5 August 2004 - ESA
NASA Reinstates The Dawn Mission
NASA senior management announced a decision Monday [Mar. 27th] to reinstate the Dawn mission, a robotic exploration of two major asteroids. Dawn had been canceled because of technical problems and cost overruns - NASA
Life Waxes And Wanes With Bobbing Of The Solar System
The regular movement of our solar system above and below the galactic plane matches dips in biodiversity – deadly cosmic rays may be to blame - New Scientist
NASA Shares Solar Eclipse With the World
NASA gave people a front row seat to today's [Mar. 28th] total solar eclipse, thanks to a partnership with the University of California at Berkeley and the Exploratorium. A streaming webcast brought the eclipse -- visible along a path from South America to Africa to Asia -- to schools and museums and computer desktops worldwide - NASA
Impact Suspected For Loss Of Russian Satellite
The satellite has lost its temperature control - its operators will now move to destroy it before it dies completely and becomes space junk - New Scientist
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