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Large Asteroid Zooms Safely Past Earth
A mountain-sized asteroid made its closest approach to Earth at 9:35 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, Sept. 29. Although asteroid 4179 Toutatis came no closer than four times the distance between Earth and the Moon (approximately 1.5 million kilometers or 961,000 miles), this is the closest approach of any known asteroid of comparable size this century - SpaceDaily
SpaceShipOne Goes For Next Flight
Rocket plane SpaceShipOne is to attempt a second spaceflight on Monday in a bid to clinch the $10m Ansari X-Prize - BBC NEWS
Genesis Samples 'Looking Very, Very Good'
The Genesis team is preparing to ship its samples of the Sun from the mission's temporary cleanroom at the U.S. Army Proving Ground, Dugway, Utah, to NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston - Spaceflight Now
Shuttle Return To Flight Delayed
Blaming the busy hurricane season, NASA announced Friday that it will delay the space shuttle's return to space from March or April to a launch in May or July -
Scientists Say Supernova Explosions Imminent
Three powerful recent blasts from three wholly different regions in space have left scientists scrambling. The blasts, which lasted only a few seconds, might be early alert systems for star explosions called supernovae, which could start appearing any day - Spaceflight Now
New $50 Million Prize For Private Orbiting Spacecraft
While a team of aerospace engineers takes aim this week on the $10 million Ansari X Prize competition for privately developed suborbital spaceflight, a Nevada millionaire is planning an even loftier contest -
Mars Orbiter Sees Rover, Lander And Even Wheel Tracks
NASA's Mars Global Surveyor, starting its third mission extension this week after seven years of orbiting Mars, is using an innovative technique to capture pictures even sharper than most of the more than 170,000 it has already produced - Spaceflight Now
Virgin Galactic To Offer Public Space Flights
British entrepreneur Richard Branson said Monday that his Virgin company plans to launch commercial space flights over the next few years -
Venus Express Is Assembled
Engineers at the European Space Agency have completed the assembly of Venus Express; the agency's first mission to the cloud enshrouded planet - Universe Today
Coming Oct. 27: Total Lunar Eclipse
Less than a year after North America was treated to a total lunar eclipse, another one will take place on the final Wednesday of this month -
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