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a satellite of Saturn, discovered by William Herschel in 1789.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by William Herschel in 1789.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Giovanni Domenico Cassini in 1684.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Giovanni Domenico Cassini in 1684.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Giovanni Domenico Cassini in 1672.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Christian Huygens in 1655.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by William Cranch Bond in 1848.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Giovanni Domenico Cassini in 1671.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by William Henry Pickering in 1898.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Audouin Dollfus in 1966.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by R. Walker in 1980.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by P. Laques & J. Lecacheus in 1980.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Reitsema et al. in 1980.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Dan Pascu et al. in 1980.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by R. Terrile in 1980.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by S. Collins et al. in 1980.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by S. Collins et al. in 1980.
a satellite of Saturn, discovered by Showalter in 1990.
Possible Satellites of Saturn
not surely identified satellites.
Detailed information about Saturn by "Views of the Solar System" including images and animations. Contains links to moons descriptions.
Saturn : National Maritime Museum
Planet characteristics by Royal Observatory Greenwich.
Planet Profile. Fine collection of images.
StarDate Online | Solar System Guide | Saturn
Some facts about Saturn, its ring system and moons, Saturn's clouds and atmosphere.
Saturn in the Nine Planets Page
Some facts and informations known by missions of several spacecrafts to Saturn.
NSSDC Photo Gallery: Saturn
Many interesting photos of Saturn on this page taken by the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft.
Saturn's Ring System
Letter names of the rings (in the order of their discovery). Animations, Images.
Saturn Events
Links: How to Find Saturn in the Sky, Saturn Home Pages, Saturn and its Satellites.
Saturn page at Astronomical Observatory of Padua
Some interesting facts and images of Saturn, its ring system and satellites, the structure and atmosphere. Animations.
Saturn Fact Sheet
Saturn: Bulk parameters, Orbital parameters, Observational Parameters, Mean Orbital Elements (J2000), Magnetosphere, Atmosphere.
SSE: Planets: Saturn: Overview
Properties and statistics of Saturn.
The Planet Saturn
Saturn page in the Astronomy Lectures at the University of Tennessee.
Lord of the Rings
Article from Teachers' Newsletter "The Universe in the Classroom".
Exploring The Planets - Saturn
Saturn page by the National Air and Space Museum.
APOD: January 23, 1999 - Saturnian Aurora
Saturn's image by Hubble Space Telescope's STIS instrument.
Saturn page by CyberSpace.
Saturn's 'tilted' Rings Reveal Mysterious Color Variations
News article by Spacer.Com.
The Saturnian System
Saturn description with images by Sea and Sky.
An Observing Guide to Saturn - The planet has more to see than just its rings
An article by Sky and Telescope.
Images of Saturn and All Available Satellites
Saturn images from various missions by NASA's Planetary Photojournal.
Missions to Saturn - Explore the Cosmos | The Planetary Society
List of missions to Saturn by the Planetary Society.
Two new Saturnian moons
Two new moons orbiting between Mimas and Enceladus, discovered by the NASA/ESA/ASI Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, may be the smallest bodies so far seen around the ringed planet - news release by ESA
HubbleSite - News Releases about Saturn
Hubble Space Telescope news releases related to Saturn including images made by HST.
It's Saturn time!
An article from the "Universe in the Classroom" electronic educational newsletter published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Written by Jane Houston Jones.
Saturn Today - Your Daily Source of Saturn News
A daily listing of news stories, mission updates and scientific information on Saturn by SpaceRef Interactive Inc.
Observation of planet SATURN
Lunar and Planetary Observation and CCD imaging page by Antonio Cidadao.
The Solar System: Saturn
New York Times articles and links to relevant resources about Saturn.
SP-474 Voyager 1 and 2 Atlas of Six Saturnian Satellites
Available at NASA History Office web site.
Saturn’s rings have own atmosphere
ESA press release based on Cassini spacecraft data.
News stories about Saturn and its moons published by Universe Today.
Saturn Satellite and Moon Data
Saturn's known satellites information by the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii.
IOPW - Atmosphere Discipline: Saturn images
Saturn images provided by the Atmosphere Discipline of the International Outer Planets Watch.
New Saturn moons - Astronomy Magazine article
Earth-based astronomers have discovered 12 new moons orbiting far from Saturn, while the Cassini spacecraft takes a close look at one of the ringed planet's innermost moons.
Information on Saturn by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Saturn -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy
Articles on Saturn and its moons from Eric W. Weisstein's online encyclopedia of astronomy.
Astronomy Lecture Notes - Saturn
A brief introduction to Saturn at the website of the University of Mississippi.
Saturn: Photos by NAOJ PR Office
Images of Saturn from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan image gallery.
Saturn: Jewel of the Solar System
A series of webcasts on Saturn exploration, prepared by Exploratorium scientists.
Saturn description from the Astronomy Knowledge Base
Primary Saturn parameters and properties.
Multimedia - Images - Moons - Polydeuces
An image and description of the tiny Saturn moon that was discovered by the Cassini spacecraft at the NASA JPL website.
NASA - Saturn
An article about Saturn by World Book @ NASA.
Cassini Imaging Diary - Saturn Arrival
Saturn images by Cassini at Cassini imaging team website.
Brief description of Saturn at the Journey Through the Galaxy website. Saturn Information
Saturn stories, multimedia and news.
Saturn Does the Wave in Upper Atmosphere
Two decades of scrutinizing Saturn are finally paying off, as scientists have discovered a wave pattern, or oscillation, in Saturn's atmosphere only visible from Earth every 15 years.
First Saturn moonlets found - Astronomy Magazine article
A narrow belt harboring moonlets as large as football stadiums, probably resulted when a larger moon was shattered by a wayward asteroid or comet eons ago, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder study.
Images of Saturn's Small Moons Tell the Story of Their Origins - NASA news release
Imaging scientists on NASA's Cassini mission are telling a tale of how the small moons orbiting near the outer rings of Saturn came to be. The moons began as leftover shards from larger bodies that broke apart and filled out their "figures" with the debris that made the rings.
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