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Stunning Images From Saturn
The Cassini-Huygens mission which reached Saturn last week has sent back startling images of the planet's famous rings viewed in ultraviolet light - BBC NEWS
Texas Observatory Finds Its First Extrasolar Planet
McDonald Observatory astronomers have exploited the Hobby-Eberly Telescope's (HET's) capabilities to rapidly find and confirm, with great precision, the giant telescope's first planet outside our solar system - Spaceflight Now
Rovers Might Get Further Lifeline
Negotiations are under way to further extend the missions of the US space agency's Mars Exploration Rovers - BBC NEWS
Solar Storms May Have Stripped Mars Water
Solar storms, like a big one that affected Earth last year, might have torn away the water that used to cover parts of Mars, NASA scientists said Thursday -
Star Magnifies Gravitational Lens Even More
The Chandra X-Ray Observatory has found a galaxy which is working as a gravitational lens to provide an incredible view of a distant quasar 11 billion light-years away. Not only that, but a single star in the galaxy is further magnifying the image, giving astronomers a look at the very heart of the quasar - Universe Today
Naked White Dwarf Shows Its Dead Stellar Engine
A curiously naked white dwarf star, devoid of any perceptible atmosphere, is giving astronomers their first clear look at the nuclear engines that keep stars burning bright -
How To Fail At Being A Star
Astronomers announced the discovery of a unique pair of newborn brown dwarfs in orbit around each other - Spaceflight Now
Early Galaxies Grew Up Too Fast
A pair of new studies shows that galaxies in the early universe matured more quickly than theorists expected, suggesting the conventional model of galaxy formation needs some serious tweaking -
Gaia Will Map A Billion Stars
The European Space Agency is working an ambitious new space observatory that will be capable of precisely mapping a billion stars in our galaxy - Universe Today
NASA Emergency Plan Blasted
NASA's emergency plan to use the International Space Station as a haven for shuttle astronauts whose craft cannot safely return to Earth would carry a high risk of failure if it were ever tried, according to internal space agency documents -
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