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Spirit Looks Down Into Crater After Reaching Rim
NASA's Spirit has begun looking down into a crater it has been approaching for several weeks, providing a view of what's below the surrounding surface - Spaceflight Now
Rover Fails To Dent Martian Rock
Scientists planned to run tests on the rover Opportunity on Monday after it failed to grind a hole in Martian rock, NASA officials said -
Hubble's Deepest View Ever Unveils Earliest Galaxies
Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute today unveiled the deepest portrait of the visible universe ever achieved by humankind - Spaceflight Now
X-ray Image Of Saturn Puzzles Scientists
Astronomers have gotten a good look at X-rays from the ringed planet Saturn, and they're puzzled by the results that defy current theory -
Enigma Of Uranus Solved At Last
New theory of how planetary magnetic fields are formed published in the British journal Nature - SpaceDaily
Rocks Picked For Rosetta Meeting
The two asteroids to be visited by the Rosetta mission have just been named - BBC NEWS
Clumps In Saturn's Rings
Scientists have only a rough idea of the lifetime of clumps in Saturn's rings - a mystery that Cassini may help answer - Spaceflight Now
Nasa Rovers View Martian Eclipses
Nasa's Mars rover Opportunity has begun recording eclipses on the Red Planet, the first time the phenomenon has been witnessed on another world - BBC NEWS
Mars Rovers To Last Longer Than Expected
It took more than a month for NASA's Spirit Mars rover to finish the drive to its destination, a crater called "Bonneville," but mission planners are already looking toward more distant pastures, confident that their robust robot - and its twin, Opportunity -- will last twice as long as originally expected -
Nasa Throws Hubble Robot Lifeline
The Hubble Space Telescope may have won a reprieve as Nasa has agreed to study ways to service it using robots - BBC NEWS
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