PC Format April 1998
"RedShift is, and has been, the greatest multimedia space packaging there is ever been. The godfather of astronomy discs is back."

Personal Computer World
"RedShift 3 is a major upgrade. The enhancements to Version 3.0 hit you between the eyes from the moment the CD loads."

Times Educational Supplement
"This is the best CD-ROM I have ever reviewed.... The best brains from the Russian Space Programme were employed to produce this resource and it shows."

Jim Metzner - Wired
"RedShift - a mind blower CD-ROM developed by Russian scientists. I?ve played with RedShift for hours and never felt like I came near touching bottom."

The Sunday Times
"RedShift and its latest incarnation are among the most highly acclaimed CD-Roms of all time."

The New York Times
"The ultimate astronomy title, RedShift lets you view almost anything in the solar system from almost anywhere else."

Tim Ferris - Scientific American
(author of The Minds Eye)
"The mapping software that makes these img possible, ranks with some of the best computer img to have come out of the jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California."

Technology & Learning
"The Ferrari of planetarium programs. RedShift is a sleek and comprehensive CD-ROM."

PC Computing
"Anything you could want from a pumped up planetarium - from vast panoramas to low, sweeping fly-bys over alien terrain - you can get from RedShift."

The Chicago Tribune
"RedShift is absolutely riveting....It is filled with so many possibilities it would take weeks to fully explore."
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