Travel through space and time.
Real time celestial mechanics plot the positions of over 1 million stars, planets and deep space objects from 4700BC to 10,000AD. Be the first to witness the next solar eclipse, or travel back through time and view the night sky as seen by Roman Emperors.

Unravel the mysteries of space.
Discover the wonders of the universe, from the birth of a star to the search for extraterrestrial life, with 60 introductory astronomy tours, and over 30 minutes of breathtaking movie-quality animations.

Plus +
Predict and simulate astronomical events.
Plan the best time for observations with the unique Sky Diary and visibility reports.
View a breathtaking array of astro-photographs including the latest pictures from the Hubble telescope and Pioneer mission.
Find and download new discoveries via the internet link to the special RedShift web site.
Access an unrivalled database of information in the updated edition of PenguinOs Dictionary of Astronomy.
Print high quality star charts to identify the stars and constellations.

Minimum system requirements:

PC Version:
Intel Pentium processor 90 MHz. Windows95®. Quad speed CD-ROM drive. 800x600 resolution. 64k/16 bit color (thousands color). 16 MB of RAM. Windows95® compatible sound card. 32bit Internet connection required for Internet features. Mouse.

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