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New Telescope Opens Its Eyes
After 20 years of planning, developing and constructing, astronomers at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy have finally released the first image captured by the new Large Binocular Telescope, an instrument with a light-gathering power 24 times greater than the Hubble Space Telescope - Scientific American
Educational CubeSats Deployed From SSETI Express
Aboard the SSETI Express satellite, which was launched yesterday [Oct. 27] morning, were three educational CubeSat satellites each weighing 1kg and measuring 10x10x10cm - ESA
Failed Space Station Boost To Be Explored
Russian engineers will test fire the engines on its Progress cargo ship, docked to the station, before a second attempt at raising the station’s orbit - New Scientist
New Signs That Monster Star Has A Neighbor
Astronomers are claiming the first direct evidence that the supergiant star Eta Carinae has a binary companion - Sky and Telescope
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Punched By A Neighbor
New images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shed light on the Andromeda Galaxy's violent past. It appears one of Andromeda's satellite galaxies, the dwarf spheroidal M32, blasted through Andromeda's disk a few million years ago - Astronomy
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Post-Mortem Explains CryoSat’s Launch Failure
The failed take-off occurred after the rocket’s second stage refused to shut down – the Rockot vehicle fleet has now been cleared to fly again - New Scientist
An Odd List Of Body Parts
Researchers are making a list: Which parts of an astronaut are most sensitive to solar flares? The answer might surprise you - Science @ NASA
Space Elevators Stuck On The First Floor
Despite some impressive feats, no one wins a NASA competition to develop the kit needed for robots to lift objects into space on super-strong tethers - New Scientist
NASA Marks Five Years On The International Space Station
NASA is celebrating five years of human space flight on the international space station with special activities over the next two weeks - NASA
UK Approves Human Space Flight
After questioning human space flight for 44 years, the United Kingdom's Royal Astronomical Society has changed its stance - Astronomy
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