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Cassini Sees Crescent Rhea
The first artificial satellite in the Saturn system, the Cassini spacecraft, returned images of the natural moons following a successful insertion into orbit. This is an unmagnified view of the moon Rhea - Spaceflight Now
Rovers To Get Extra Time On Mars
The US space agency's Mars rovers will be given another seven months to explore the Red Planet, says Nasa - BBC NEWS
NASA Cuts Back Plans For ISS
NASA and its space partners Friday approved a scaled-down International Space Station with fewer astronauts and less science so the United States can meet a 2010 deadline for ending shuttle flights, a top NASA official said -
Nasa Rethinks Probe To The Sun
A mission to put an orbiting spacecraft around the Sun may get a second chance, after being rejected by the US space agency five years ago - BBC NEWS
First Private Russian Spaceship In Work
A space shuttle being built in Moscow could give Russia its first private spaceship, it was reported Friday - SpaceDaily
Doughnut-Shaped Cloud Has 'Black Hole' Filling
An international team of scientists has found more evidence that massive black holes are surrounded by a doughnut-shaped gas cloud which, depending on our line of sight, blocks the view of the black hole in the center - Spaceflight Now
Freak Waves Spotted From Space
The shady phenomenon of freak waves as tall as 10 storey buildings had finally been proved, the European Space Agency (Esa) said on Wednesday - BBC NEWS
New Martian Meteorite Found In Antarctica
A meteorite from Mars has been discovered in Antarctica, one of only about 30 known martian space rocks on Earth -
Sunspot Grows To 20 Times Size Of Earth
A sunspot group aimed squarely at Earth has grown to 20 times the size of our planet and has the potential to unleash a major solar storm -
Apollo 11 Crew Recalls Giant Leap 35 Years Later
Thirty-five years have passed since the landing on the moon, one of the 20th century's most indelible moments -
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