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NASA's Hubble Discovers New Rings And Moons Around Uranus
Even though the Voyager 2 spacecraft paid a close-up visit to Uranus in 1986, the distant planet continues revealing surprises to the eye of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope - Space Telescope Science Institute
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Partial Ingredients For DNA And Protein Found Around Star
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered some of life's most basic ingredients in the dust swirling around a young star - NASA/JPL
Progress With Gifts, Equipment And Supplies Docks At Station
An unpiloted Progress cargo craft docked with the International Space Station Friday [Dec. 23] at 2:46 p.m. EST with a cargo of supplies, equipment and fuel for the orbiting laboratory - NASA
SMART-1 Uses New Imaging Technique In Lunar Orbit
ESA’s SMART-1 spacecraft has been surveying the Moon’s surface in visible and near-infrared light using a new technique, never before tried in lunar orbit - ESA
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An Explosion On The Moon
So you thought nothing ever happens on the moon? Think again. NASA scientists have observed a surprising and powerful explosion in the lunar Sea of Rains - Science @ NASA
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Sound Of Star's Vibration Reveals Details Of Its Core
Astronomers have made the most detailed observation yet of the subtle vibrations of a Sun-like star, revealing details that cannot be found any other way - New Scientist
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Young Galaxies Grow Up Together In A Nest Of Dark Matter
Astronomers have found clear indications that clumps of dark matter are the nursing grounds for new born galaxies about twelve billion light years away - National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
A Creator's Possible Calling Card
If our universe was artificially created, those responsible could have left a message in the cosmic microwave background - Sky and Telescope
Salty Martian Rocks May Have Formed Without Seas
Volcanism or meteorite impacts – and not standing water – could be responsible for sulphate sediments detected by the Mars rovers - New Scientist
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Man-Made "Star" Illuminates Milky Way's Mysterious Center
Astronomers use a laser-generated star to correct fuzziness and other distortions introduced by the earth's atmosphere. - Scientific American
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