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NASA's Spitzer Marks Beginning Of New Age Of Planetary Science
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has for the first time captured the light from two known planets orbiting stars other than our Sun - NASA/JPL
Young And Exotic Stellar Zoo - ESO's Telescopes Uncover Super Star Cluster In The Milky Way
Westerlund 1 appears to be the most massive compact young cluster yet identified in the Milky Way Galaxy - European Southern Observatory
Station's 'Phantom Torque' Complicates Spacewalk
International Space Station crewmembers Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov will venture into space on Monday [Mar. 28] morning for the second spacewalk of their tenure - New Scientist
X-rays Signal Presence Of Elusive Intermediate-Mass Black Hole
Peculiar outbursts of X-rays coming from a black hole have provided evidence that it has a mass of about 10,000 Suns, which would place it in a possible new class of black holes - Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
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Number Of Very High-Energy Gamma Ray Sources Doubles
Eight new sources of very high-energy gamma rays have been spotted in the Milky Way - doubling the number of such sources known - New Scientist
Giant Planets May Host Superionic Water
Chemists have recreated the conditions inside the giant planets with which we share our Solar System. And they've shown that the water inside giants such as Neptune might act very strangely indeed - Nature
Dark Matter Lost And Found?
Astrophysicists believe they've turned up evidence for dark matter halos in elliptical galaxies - Astronomy
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Hale-Bopp: The Comet That Doesn't Quit
Eight years after Comet Hale-Bopp dazzled astronomers as it passed through the inner solar system, the dirty snowball is still detectable (about 20th magnitude) despite being a whopping 21 astronomical units from the Sun - Sky and Telescope
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New Space Prizes Target Space Elevators
Space elevators - a futuristic idea in which space is accessed via long tethers with the power needed being transmitted on beams of light - are the target of two new cash prizes, sponsored by NASA - New Scientist
Greece Becomes 16th ESA Member State
Following its ratification of the ESA Convention, Greece has now become ESA’s 16th Member State - ESA
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