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Cassini's Radar Shows Titan's Young Active Surface
The first radar images of Saturn's moon Titan show a very complex geological surface that may be relatively young. Previously, Titan's surface was hidden behind a veil of thick haze - NASA
Titan's Big Surprise
The Cassini flyby of Titan sent back the most detailed surface images, but the 1000 kilometer cloud formation near the south pole has scientists stumped. The convective plumes were thought to be methane clouds, but they're not - Astrobiology Magazine
Stellar Survivor From 1572 A.D. Explosion Supports Supernova Theory
An international team of astronomers is announcing today that they have identified the probable surviving companion star to a titanic supernova explosion witnessed in the year 1572 by the great Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe and other astronomers of that era - Space Telescope Science Institute
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Finds Mysterious New Milky Way Companion
A discovery announced today by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) reveals a clump of stars unlike any seen before. The findings may shed light on how the Milky Way's stellar halo formed - Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Solo Galaxy Has Dark Matter Cloak
The discovery of three "naked" galaxies - not cloaked in dark matter - shocked astronomers in 2003 and prompted an urgent hunt for more. But a detailed new X-ray observation of an isolated galaxy has not reproduced the finding, leading researchers to suggest galaxies may form or evolve in multiple ways - New Scientist
Gigantic Cosmic Corkscrew Reveals New Details About Mysterious Microquasar
Making an extra effort to image a faint, gigantic corkscrew traced by fast protons and electrons shot out from a mysterious microquasar paid off for a pair of astrophysicists who gained new insights into the beast's inner workings and also resolved a longstanding dispute over the object's distance - National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Sunspots More Active Than For 8000 Years
The Sun has been more active in the last 70 years than it has for the previous 8000, according to an analysis of tree rings dating back 11,400 years. But researchers say its recent bout of hyperactivity does not account for the rapidly rising temperatures recorded on Earth over the last three decades - New Scientist
NASA's Mars Rovers Pass the 50,000-Picture Mark
A view of the sundial-like calibration target on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit, with a bit of martian terrain in the background, is the 50,000th image from the twin rovers that have been exploring Mars since January - NASA/JPL
NASA Announces May '05 Shuttle Launch Window
After an extensive review, NASA is planning its Return to Flight Space Shuttle mission, designated STS-114, for a launch window that opens in May 2005 - NASA
Travelling To Mars And Hibernating Like A Brown Bear
Manned missions beyond the Moon are no longer wild dreams. For example, the objective of ESA's Aurora programme, after exploring Mars with robotic missions, is to send astronauts to the red planet - ESA
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