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Planetary nebulae
layers of gas which have been shed by dying stars. They were called so because they look like far planets (Uranus, Neptune)
Dark nebulae
the gas-dust clouds which obscure stars behind them
Bright nebulae
the shining gas-dust clouds
VLT Images - Nebulae
Images of several nebulae taken with ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory (Atacama, Chile) - world's largest optical telescope.
Fletcher Astrophotos - Nebulae
A collection of "tri-color" astrophotography of Nebulae.
The Horsehead and Orion nebulae
Wide-angle picture of the Orion region with comments. Related images.
Lacaille and his catalog of clusters and nebulae
The list with key and links.
Nebulae information from Leicester University Educational Guide to Space and Astronomy.
Nebulae information from Astrophysical Directions
Some facts.
Images of nebulae
Nebulae images by Italian Col Drusci? Observatory at Associazione Astronomica Cortina website.
Nebulae Images
Nebulae images taken at The Arcturus Observatory.
Page about nebulae by CyberSpace.
The Nebulae
Nebulae page by Padua Astronomical Observatory.
Sea and Sky: Nebulae
Nebulae brief description with images by Sea and Sky.
Observing Nebulae Season by Season - Many fine nebulae are visible even in small telescopes
An article by Sky and Telescope.
ARVAL Catalog of Bright Nebulas
A catalogue by the Observatorio ARVAL in Caracas, Venezuela.
Nebula Drawings
Nebulae drawings by the Belmont Society.
NSSDC Photo Gallery - Nebulae
Nebulae images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope provided by National Space Science Data Center.
Deep Sky Database: Search for bright and dark nebulae and supernova remnants
Search for bright and dark nebulae by constellation, magnitude and size. Deep Sky Database is an online observing list generator for amateur astronomers which employs a web-based version of the Saguaro Astronomy Club's database, consisting of over 10,000 records.
Stars, Stellar Systems, and Nebulae
Images made using the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes in Spain.
Best of AOP: Diffuse Nebulae
Best Images of the Advanced Observing Program of National Optical Astronomy Observatory, available to the public at the Kitt Peak Visitor Center.
Caltech Astronomy : Palomar Observatory Nebulae Images
Astronomical Images from the Palomar Observatory.
Information on nebulae by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Nebula concept from the Astronomy Knowledge Base
Definition, main properties and examples of nebulae.
Nebulae and star clusters: Photos by NAOJ PR Office
Images of nebulae and star clusters from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan image gallery.
Nebulae & Star Formation
High-resolution images provided by the Gemini Observatory.
Stars, Stellar Systems, and Nebulae
Images Acquired Using the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, La Palma. Provided by the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Cambridge.
The NOT Image Gallery - Galactic objects
Nebulae images taken with the Nordic Optical Telescope.
Nebulae and Birth
A brief introduction to types of nebulae at the Journey Through the Galaxy website.
ULO: Pictures of Nebulae
Images of nebulae from the University of London Observatory.
Nebulae of all types images by Gilbert A. Esquerdo.
Galaxy Photography Nebulae Images
Nebulae images by Jason Ware.
Planetary and Galactic Nebulae
A nebulae image collection.
NOAO Image Gallery: Nebulae
Images by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. The gallery includes pictures taken with the facilities of NOAO.
APOD: 2008 October 28 - The North America Nebula
The North America Nebula in the sky can do what most North Americans on Earth cannot -- form stars.
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