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Diffuse Radio Sources in Clusters of Galaxies
Observation and examination of types of diffuse radio sources in clusters of galaxies - thesis by Tara Murphy.
VLT Images - Galaxy Clusters
Images of several galaxy clusters taken with ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory (Atacama, Chile) - world's largest optical telescope.
Clusters of Galaxies by Mike Guidry
"Missing mass problem" of galaxy clusters.
Galaxy Clusters and Large-Scale Structure from Cambridge Cosmology
Description of various classes of clusters of galaxies. Types of large-scale structures.
Clusters of Galaxies page at University of Tennessee
Classification of clusters. Typical quantitative properties of galaxy clusters.
Galaxy Cluster Mug Shots
Collection of images of galaxy clusters and groups.
APOD: September 29, 1998 - A Peculiar Cluster of Galaxies
A peculiar cluster of galaxies image and description from Astronomy Picture of the Day.
Brief description of galaxy clusters at the Illinois State Academy of Science with images.
The clusters of galaxies
Clusters of galaxies page by Padua Astronomical Observatory.
Clusters of galaxies
Clusters of galaxies as diagnostic tools for cosmological research from Astrophysics Research Institute of Liverpool John Moores University.
Clusters of galaxies
Clusters of galaxies description at "Knowing the universe and its secrets" website.
Zlender Images - Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
CCD Images of galaxy clusters by Udo Zlender.
Merging Clusters of Galaxies
A review of research on the dynamics of merging galaxy clusters by Princeton University astrophysisists.
On the Edge: Clusters of Galaxies
Introduction to clusters of galaxies at NASA's Imagine the Universe website.
Groups & Clusters of Galaxies
Brief introduction to evolution and nature of clusters of galaxies with illustrations from Chandra X-ray Observatory Center.
Clusters of Galaxies - AG-browser for fast searching of cluster data
The Virtual Observatory Node of the Sobolev Astronomical Institute of the St.-Petersburg State University supports the service on assignment of clusters data.
Clusters of Galaxies
An introduction to properties of clusters of galaxies and superclusters at the Astronomy Notes website by Nick Strobel.
Clusters of Galaxies
Information on structure and evolution of clusters of galaxies, their X-ray spectra from Cambridge X-ray astronomy group.
X-Ray Astronomy II: Clusters of Galaxies
Lecture on clusters of galaxies by the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the University of Tubingen.
HubbleSite - News Releases about Galaxy clusters
Hubble Space Telescope news releases related to galaxy clusters including images made by HST.
Astrophysics Group of the Yamagata University research activities
Scientists of the Astrophysics Group of the Yamagata University report on their activities in the field of nonthermal emission from clusters of galaxies and merger of clusters of galaxies.
Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies
Images of galaxies and clusters of galaxies made using the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes in Spain.
X-Rays Galaxy Clusters Database
X-Rays Galaxy Clusters Database (BAX) contains information on more than 1500 groups and clusters of galaxies. It is operated by the Astrophysics Laboratory of Toulouse-Tarbes. BAX is designed to provide access to the growing number of data on X-ray galaxy clusters. BAX is an online research database designed to support scientists, space missions and ground based observatories in the planning, interpretation and publication of their research on galaxy clusters.
Clusters of Galaxies
Introduction to clusters of galaxies. Their basic properties, classification, evolution, gravitational lensing. A Review of the Universe website - Structures, Evolutions, Observations, and Theories.
Galaxy clusters collide
X-ray images of two large galaxy clusters colliding show one of the most powerful events astronomers have ever witnessed. An article by the Astronomy Magazine.
Clusters of galaxies
Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial at the University of California, San Diego website.
High Energy Astrophysics Picture Of the Week, February 4, 2002: Plume in Centaurus
A new observation of the Centaurus cluster by Chandra shows unexpected detail - a large plume of material stretching nearly 70,000 lightyears and containing more material than 1 billion suns.
Groups and clusters of galaxies
A description of clusters of galaxies by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Astronomy Answers: Universe Family Tree: Galaxy Cluster
A brief description of clusters of galaxies by Dr. Louis Strous.
Clusters of galaxies
Astronomy course notes by Dr. Christian Kaiser from the University of Southampton.
Clusters and Groups of Galaxies
Clusters of galaxies images and spectra provided by NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center.
APOD Index - Galaxies: Clusters of Galaxies
Images of clusters of galaxies with descriptions from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site.
Deciphering Element Synthesis and Star-Formation Histories from High-temperature Gases in Galaxy Clusters
An article by Kyoko MATSUSHITA at the website of Japan's Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.
SkyServer Famous Places - Clusters
Galaxies are found in clusters of hundreds or thousands, held together by their mutual gravity. One of the SDSS's major goals is to understand how galaxies form clusters and larger structures, up to the large-scale structure of the universe.
Clusters of galaxies
A gallery of galaxy cluster images by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.
Virgo Galaxy Cluster - Finder Chart
This chart shows the distribution of bright galaxies in the core on Virgo Galaxy Cluster between epsilon Virginis (Vindemiatrix) and beta Leonis (Denebola). To locate and identify individual galaxies, use detailed charts shown on their corresponding pages. A webpage provided by Jan Wisniewski.
Groups and Clusters of Galaxies - WWW Course Notes
Webpages by Dr. William C. Keel of the University of Alabama.
Origins of Quasars and Galaxy Clusters
An article by Halton C. Arp on his official website.
Observing Galaxy Clusters: An Introduction
A web paage by Jim Shields.
2MASS Atlas Image Gallery: Galaxy Groups and Clusters
2MASS Atlas Image Gallery at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center of the California Institute of Technology.
ROSAT Images - Galaxy Clusters
X-Ray images of galaxy clusters made with the ROSAT telescope.
Clusters of Galaxies, Radio Observations
An essay from the Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia by Riccardo Giovanelli.
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