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NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe Resigns
Administrator Sean O'Keefe, who over the past three years led the National Aeronautics and Space Administration through an aggressive and comprehensive management transformation and helped the agency through one of its most painful tragedies, resigned today [Dec. 13] - NASA
Mars Rovers Spot Water-Clue Mineral, Frost, Clouds
Scientists have identified a water-signature mineral called goethite in bedrock that the NASA's Mars rover Spirit examined in the "Columbia Hills," one of the mission's surest indicators yet for a wet history on Spirit's side of Mars - NASA/JPL
A New Twist On An Old Nebula
Earlier images of this complex object — the gaseous envelope ejected by a dying, sun-like star — did not allow astronomers to precisely interpret its structure. Now, a team of astronomers has established that the Helix consists of two gaseous disks nearly perpendicular to each other - Space Telescope Science Institute
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Pulsar Gives Insight On Ultra Dense Matter And Magnetic Fields
3C58 is the remnant of a supernova observed in the year 1181 by Chinese and Japanese astronomers. A long look by Chandra shows that the central pulsar - a rapidly rotating neutron star formed in the supernova event - is surrounded by a bright torus of X-ray emission - Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
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Earth's Safe Zone Became Hot During Legendary Solar Storms
A NASA-funded study found a region between radiation belts surrounding the Earth is not as benign as once thought. The region was considered a safe zone for satellites in "Middle Earth" orbits, because of relatively small amounts of radiation - NASA
Saturn System Driven By Ice, Says CU-Boulder Researcher
Ice particles are key players in the ever-changing panorama at Saturn, according to a new study led by a University of Colorado at Boulder professor using an instrument on the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft now at the ringed planet - University of Colorado at Boulder
Cassini Shows Before And After Look At Saturn's Moon Titan
Cassini's second close flyby of Titan completes a 'before' and 'after' look at the fuzzy moon and provides the first direct evidence of changing weather patterns in the skies over Titan - NASA/JPL
A Breeze From The Stars
Every year in early December, something happens that can throw your horoscope out of whack. The sun enters Ophiuchus, the little-known 13th house of the zodiac - Science @ NASA
NASA's Aura Satellite Sheds New Light On Air Quality And Ozone Hole
NASA scientists announced the agency's Aura spacecraft is providing the first daily, direct global measurements of low-level ozone and many other pollutants affecting air quality - NASA/JPL
NASA Selects Investigations For The Mars Science Laboratory
NASA has selected eight proposals to provide instrumentation and associated science investigations for the mobile Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover, scheduled for launch in 2009 - NASA
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