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Mars Hill Find Hints At Wet Past
The US space agency's robotic rover Spirit has found more evidence that water washed and altered the rocks it has been studying on the Red Planet - BBC NEWS
Out From The Shadows: Two New Saturnian Moons
With eyes sharper than any that have peered at Saturn before, the Cassini spacecraft has uncovered two moons, which may be the smallest bodies so far seen around the ringed planet - Spaceflight Now
Five New Moons For Neptune
Five new satellites - and one candidate moon - have been discovered orbiting the giant planet Neptune, bringing its tally of moons to 13 - BBC NEWS
Milky Way's Age Narrowed Down
A new estimate of the age of our Milky Way Galaxy suggests it was an original member of the universe, having been born just about as early on as was possible -
Scientists Discover Ganymede Has A Lumpy Interior
Scientists have discovered irregular lumps beneath the icy surface of Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede - SpaceDaily
NASA Researchers, Stunt Pilots Prepare For Genesis Probe's Return
A team of NASA scientists, navigators and helicopter stunt pilots is ready to snatch a space sample canister out of the sky next month when the Genesis spacecraft returns to Earth -
Forming Galaxy Cluster Captured
The Chandra X-ray Observatory has caught enormous hot gas clouds in space in the act of merging to form a single massive galaxy cluster - BBC NEWS
NASA Identifies Foam Flaw That Killed Astronauts
The foam that struck the space shuttle Columbia after liftoff and led to the deaths of all seven astronauts on board was defective, NASA said Friday -
Future Flyers: Pushing Forward For Personal Aircraft
NASA researchers, as well as private aviation engineers, are working to develop the next step in personal air transportation -
Private Commercial Rocket Nears Flight
Time is drawing closer for the maiden liftoff of the privately financed Falcon 1 launch vehicle, built by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) of El Segundo, California -
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