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Probe Confirms Methane In The Martian Atmosphere
During recent observations from the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft in orbit around Mars, methane was detected in its atmosphere - Spaceflight Now
Spirit Backs Up Water Finding On 2nd Rock
Only two days away from the end of its primary mission, NASA's Mars rover Spirit has found more evidence that water once affected rocks strewn across its Gusev Crater landing site -
Space Station Crew Hears An Odd Sound Again
The two-man crew aboard the international space station reported a strange external noise early Friday -- the same unexplained metallic sound that startled them just before Thanksgiving -
Survey Finds Dozens Of Surprisingly Small Galaxies
Miniature galaxies inhabit the central regions of two separate, huge clusters of galaxies -
Andromeda Yields Cache Of Stellar Black Holes
Astronomers have discovered ten previously unknown likely black holes in the Andromeda Galaxy by means of a powerful new search technique they have devised - Spaceflight Now
Milky Way's Centre Measured
Radio astronomers have successfully measured an object that surrounds the supermassive black hole at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy - Universe Today
Is Andromeda Galaxy A Cannibal On Our Doorstep?
An international team of astronomers has used the UK's 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma in the Canary Islands to map the Andromeda Galaxy (otherwise known as M31) and a large area of sky all around it - Spaceflight Now
Third Space Tourist Preparing For Orbit
The next civilian to be rocketed into orbit at his own expense won't just be enjoying the ride: Gregory Olsen, a scientist who made a fortune with optics inventions, plans to do some research during his $20 million trip to the International Space Station -
Satellite To Test Einstein Theory
Nasa's Gravity Probe B is ready to be launched - BBC NEWS
Russia Wants One-Year Space Missions
Astronauts could soon double the time they stay in orbit under a cash-saving plan announced on Tuesday by Russia's impoverished space agency -
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