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Rover Counts To 100 And More
The upload of new software to update both of the US space agency's Mars rovers has been completed successfully - BBC NEWS
Meteorite Matches Rock On Mars
NASA has reported this week that a rock analyzed by Spirit bears a resemblance to a meteorite found in Antarctica - Universe Today
Newfound World Shatters Distance Record
Separate teams today announced the discoveries of three planets outside our solar system, including one that is more than three times farther away than the previous record holder -
Best Image Ever Taken Of Titan's Surface
The European Southern Observatory has released the most detailed images ever taken of the surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon - Universe Today
Weird Object Beyond Pluto Gets Stranger
When astronomers announced the discovery last month of Sedna, the most distant known object in the solar system, they were nearly certain it had an unseen satellite -
Invisible Giants Exposed In New Spitzer Image
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope reveals a fireworks-like display of massive stars - Spaceflight Now
Saturn Probe Sights Mystery Moons
The Cassini probe en route to Saturn has spotted two "shepherd" moons which keep one of the planet's rings in check through their gravitational influence - BBC NEWS
NASA Completes First Steps Toward Returning Shuttle To Space
The independent group overseeing NASA's effort to resume shuttle flights said Friday the agency has completed the first steps toward returning to space -
ISS Two Man Crew To Be Rotated With Expedition 9
Expedition 9 Commander Gennady Padalka and NASA ISS Science Officer Mike Fincke are set to take command of their new out-of-this-world home, the International Space Station - SpaceDaily
Bradbury: Mars Mission Will Inspire
Human exploration of the moon and Mars will move humanity beyond terrorism and war, inspiring the public in much the same way as Europeans who explored North America 500 years ago, science-fiction author Ray Bradbury said Thursday -
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