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NASA's Spitzer Uncovers Hints Of Mega Solar Systems
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has identified two huge "hypergiant" stars circled by monstrous disks of what might be planet-forming dust - NASA/JPL
Martian Meteorite May Have Held Life
A mix of carbon compounds filling tiny veins in a Martian rock seem very similar to compounds probably produced by bacteria in Earth's rocks - New Scientist
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Notes From The Spirit World And The Land Of Opportunity
If NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity were human, it would be more than 600 years old. The rover has lasted almost eight times its life expectancy, logging more than 700 Martian days on the Red Planet's surface - Sky and Telescope
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Milky Way Steals Stars From Nearby Cluster
Nearly a million stars seem to have gone missing from the nearby globular cluster Messier 12, located within the constellation Ophiuchus. Our own Milky Way, scientists say, may be to blame - Scientific American
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Peering Into Planetary Graveyards
Using the infrared Spitzer Space Telescope to examine the neighborhood around a dead star, astronomers may have glimpsed our solar system’s ultimate fate - Sky and Telescope
Integral Looks At Earth To Seek Source Of Cosmic Radiation
Cosmic space is filled with continuous, diffuse high-energy radiation. To find out how this energy is produced, the scientists behind ESA’s Integral gamma-ray observatory have tried an unusual method: observing Earth from space - ESA
'Tepid' Temperature Of Dark Matter Revealed
Goldilocks would approve. Dark matter is not too cold and not too hot, but just right, researchers have found. Furthermore, its lukewarm temperature may help pinpoint just what the mysterious material is - New Scientist
Unique In-Flight Upgrade For XMM-Newton Ground Systems
In December 2005, ESA's highly successful XMM-Newton mission was formally given a four-year extension. The longer life necessitated a first-ever in-flight upgrade to the spacecraft's mission control software - ESA
Man In The Moon's Cataclysmic Birth Revealed
Powerful ancient impacts on the far side of the Moon may have created one of the most famous faces the Earth has ever known - New Scientist
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Thinking Out Of The Box: How To Challenge Conventional Space Systems
Spacecraft must evolve. Advancing space research is no longer just about swapping old components for new, now it is about entirely rethinking what a space mission can do and how it achieves its goals. World experts are gathering at ESA on 21 February to exchange new ideas and stimulate unconventional thinking about space systems - ESA
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