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Spirit, Showing Signs Of Old Age, Reaches Columbia Hills
After five months on the frigid surface of Mars, one of NASA's hardy rovers is finally beginning to succumb to old age, developing a robotic form of arthritis that could limit its ability to climb steep slopes, officials said today - Spaceflight Now
Spirit Rover Sights 'Blueberries'
Nasa's Mars rover Spirit has discovered structures resembling the spheres its twin buggy, Opportunity, has found on the other side of the Red Planet - BBC NEWS
Strange Comet Unlike Anything Known
A detailed analysis of the comet Wild 2 has left astronomers astounded at an object that has no known peers in the solar system -
Ultra Cool Star Measured
Using a combination of ground and space-based telescopes, an international team of astronomers have measured the mass of an ultra-cool star and its companion brown dwarf - Universe Today
'Blazar' Illuminates Era When Stars And Galaxies Formed
Astrophysicists at Stanford report spotting a black hole so massive that it's more than 10 billion times the mass of our sun. More important, this heavyweight is so far away that the scientists think it formed when the universe first began to light up with stars and galaxies, so it may provide a window into our cosmological origins - Spaceflight Now
Phoebe Probably Distant Traveller
Images of Saturn's moon Phoebe from the Cassini spacecraft suggest it may be a relic of objects that formed billions of years ago in the outer Solar System - BBC NEWS
Swirling Cloudtops Of Saturn
The newest image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft was taken on May 18, and shows beautiful swirling clouds in Saturn's southern hemisphere - Universe Today
Spitzer Telescope Reveals What Edwin Hubble Missed
Astronomers present new ideas for classifying galaxies based on infrared observations by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope - Spaceflight Now
MOST Measures The Pulse Of A Star
The Canadian-built MOST space telescope has shed new light on how stars like our own Sun can actually be quite turbulent, vibrating and flaring up unexpectedly - Universe Today
Monday's Private Spaceflight: Historical Milestone Or Stunt Flying?
A privately built rocket plane is ready to streak through the sky over Mojave, California desert on June 21 -
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