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Mars Rovers Probing Water History At Two Sites
NASA's Spirit and Opportunity have been exploring Mars about three times as long as originally scheduled. The more they look, the more evidence of past liquid water on Mars these robots discover. Team members reported the new findings at a news briefing today (Oct. 07, 2004) - NASA/JPL
Spirit Breaking Down
The intrepid Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has been past warranty since it completed its primary mission in April. Six months later, the rover is continuing to slowly break down - Sky and Telescope
CBI Reveals Motion In The Remotest Seeds Of Galaxy Clusters In The Very Early Universe
Cosmologists from the California Institute of Technology have used observations probing back to the remote epoch of the universe when atoms were first forming to detect movements among the seeds that gave rise to clusters of galaxies - California Institute of Technology
Mystery Object Neither Star Nor Brown Dwarf
Astronomers using the Gemini North and Keck II telescopes have peered inside a violent binary star system to find that one of the interacting stars has lost so much mass to its partner that it has regressed to a strange, inert body resembling no known star type - Gemini Observatory
And The Winner Is … SpaceShipOne
Only three human missions to space were launched from the United States this year, all of them operated by a private company called Mojave Aerospace Ventures (MAV). Monday, the third flight of the group's SpaceShipOne carried pilot — and now astronaut — Brian Binnie nearly 70 miles into space, winning the group the $10-million Ansari X Prize - Astronomy
Great Observatories May Unravel 400-Year-Old Supernova Mystery
Four hundred years ago, sky watchers, including the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler, best known as the discoverer of the laws of planetary motion, were startled by the sudden appearance of a "new star" in the western sky, rivaling the brilliance of the nearby planets - NASA
Making Planets At Beta Pictoris
A team of Japanese astronomers led by Yoshiko Okamoto of Japan's Kitasato University has announced the discovery of a ring of silicate dust orbiting a nearby star, Beta (β) Pictoris - Astronomy
Black Holes Haunt Ghost Particle Theory
The theory that claims to solve cosmology’s major mysteries by proposing that empty space is filled with a fluid of ghostly particles may, literally, be going down the cosmic drain. According to the latest calculations, the universe’s black holes would be slurping up any such fluid - New Scientist
NASA Approves Mission To Seek Nearest Stars, Brightest Galaxies
A new NASA mission will scan the entire sky in infrared light in search of nearby cool stars, planetary construction zones and the brightest galaxies in the universe - NASA/JPL
Astronomers Demonstrate A Global Internet Telescope
European and US radio astronomers have demonstrated a new way of observing the Universe - through the Internet! Using cutting-edge technology, the researchers have managed to observe a distant star by using the world's research networks to create a giant virtual telescope - Jodrell Bank Observatory
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