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European Communication Equipment For The ATV And The Eneide Mission Reaches The ISS
Launched two days earlier, on 28 February at 20.09 CET from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan by a Soyuz rocket as ISS mission 17P, the Progress supply vehicle carried, among other cargo, a communication system made in Europe that will be used when the ATV docks with the station in 2006 - ESA
Mars Rovers Break Driving Records, Examine Salty Soil
On three consecutive days, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity accomplished unprecedented feats of martian motion, covering more total ground in that period than either Opportunity or its twin, Spirit, did in their first 70 days on Mars - NASA/JPL
Radio Pulses Could Signal New Class Of Astronomical Object
A survey of our galaxy's center has turned up evidence of what may be a new class of astronomical object. According to results published today [Mar. 3] in the journal Nature, scientists have detected an unusual burst of radio waves emanating from near the galactic center with characteristics that are unlike those of previously detected radio bursts - Nature
Mature Objects In Early Universe
Astronomers have detected a galaxy cluster that formed when the universe was less than one-third its current age, making this the earliest mature object astronomers have observed - Astronomy
Planet Search Reveals Smallest Star Ever
The smallest star ever detected has turned up in a search for extrasolar planets, a new study reveals. Astronomers say the find highlights the need to carefully confirm any "planet" detections made with future space missions - New Scientist
Einstein Passes New Tests
Albert Einstein's 90-year-old general theory of relativity has just been put through a series of some of its most stringent tests yet, and it has passed each one with flying colors - Sky and Telescope
X Rays Point To Difficult Stellar Birth
A collapsing protostar, still millions of years from becoming a full-fledged star, is emitting X rays, and astronomers are puzzled why - Astronomy
Moonbeams Shine On Einstein, Galileo And Newton
Thirty-five years after Moon-walking astronauts placed special reflectors on the lunar surface, scientists have used these devices to test Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity to unprecedented accuracy - NASA/JPL
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Exposes Dusty Galactic Hideouts
How do you hide something as big and bright as a galaxy? You smother it in cosmic dust. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope saw through such dust to uncover a hidden population of monstrously bright galaxies approximately 11 billion light-years away - Spitzer Science Center
Twin Mars Rovers In Instrument Mix-Up
NASA's Mars rovers Opportunity and Spirit are identical twins - so alike that they even fooled NASA. Researchers have discovered that they sent the robots to Mars with an instrument meant for Opportunity inside Spirit and vice versa - New Scientist
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