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Russian Supply Ship Docks With Space Station
The Russian space resupply vessel Progress docked Saturday with the orbiting International Space Station (ISS), bringing fresh food, water, fuel and family letters to the two crew members, ITAR-TASS news agency said - SpaceDaily
Canadian Ansari X Prize Entrant Takes The Plunge In Test
A Canadian team of rocketeers has moved one step closer to launching its own manned spacecraft with the successful parachute drop test of a crew capsule today -
Private Rocket Explodes During First Test
A rocket belonging to a U.S. team contending for the Ansari X-prize for the first private space travel exploded shortly after launch on its first test flight - SpaceDaily
Armadillo Aerospace Rocket Destroyed
Another X Prize contender's rocket crashed over the weekend. Armadillo Aerospace's lead engineer and funder John Carmack reported that their prototype rocket ran out of fuel on a test flight and crashed shortly after takeoff - Universe Today
Giant Vortices Found Near Earth By Cluster Satellites
ESA's quartet of space-weather watchers, Cluster, has discovered vortices of ejected solar material high above the Earth - Spaceflight Now
Star Clusters Could Be Galaxy Remnants
A team from Harvard and the Carnegie Institute of Washington observed 14 globular clusters in a distant galaxy, and realized that they're so large, they nearly overlap the size of small galaxies, and have many similar characteristics - Universe Today
Comets, Asteroids And Planets Around A Nearby Star
A nearby star thought to harbor comets and asteroids now appears to be home to planets, too -
Genesis Spacecraft Adjusts Course For Earth
NASA's Genesis spacecraft successfully adjusted its course this week as it heads back toward Earth with a sample of solar wind particles, the space agency said -
Japanese Solar Sail Launched
The Japanese Institute of Space and Astronautical Science has succeeded in launching and deploying the first ever solar sail into space - Universe Today
Hubble Peers At Celestial Bubble
The Hubble Space Telescope has peered inside a bubble of interstellar gas and dust that is being inflated by a hurricane of particles emitted from a young star - BBC NEWS
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