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After Six Months In Space Aboard The International Space Station, The Expedition 10 Crew Is Safely Back On Earth
Expedition 10 Commander and NASA Station Science Officer Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov landed in central Asia this evening [Apr. 24] after traveling more than 78 million miles during their mission. Returning with them was European Space Agency Astronaut Roberto Vittori - NASA
An Exo-Asteroid Belt
Astronomers have enjoyed considerable success in recent years searching for objects around other stars that are analogous to those in our solar system - Sky and Telescope
Mars Rover Opportunity Has Wheel Trouble
The Mars rover Opportunity has lost the ability to steer one of its wheels. While the vehicle can still move, the failure may make it harder to study rocks up close - New Scientist
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Silhouette Reveals Hidden Shape Of Young Star's Envelope
Detailed new images of the starbirth nursery in the Omega Nebula (M17) have revealed a multi component structure in the envelope of dust and gas surrounding a very young star - National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
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Red Planet's Ancient Equator Located
The Red Planet has never been a particularly spherical one. Indeed, its shape has changed numerous times over its history and its polar axis has wandered significantly - Scientific American
The Outer Milky Way's Exotic Origin
A collision between another galaxy and our own 5 billion years ago may have spawned the stars in the outer Milky Way, say astronomers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The collision triggered the birth of stars with unique elemental abundances - Astronomy
Early Universe Was A Liquid
The Universe consisted of a perfect liquid in its first moments, according to results from an atom-smashing experiment - Nature
Impact Risk Scale Revised
After 5 years of frequently controversial warnings about possible-but-unlikely asteroid encounters, astronomers have modified the Torino impact hazard scale - Astronomy
Dust Devils Scoot Across Mars
Movies of dust-filled whirlwinds on Mars have been sent back by NASA's exploration rover, Spirit - Nature
NASA Delays Shuttle Launch By A Week
NASA has pushed back the launch of space shuttle Discovery from 15 May to 22 May because of unfinished engineering analyses and paperwork - New Scientist
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