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Open star clusters
the groups of stars of some parsec in size placed in the Galaxy's disk
the regions of about some tens or hundreds parsecs including hot giants of O, B0, B1, B2 spectral classes
Globular star clusters
look like miniature galaxies including from tens to hundreds of thousands of stars. are placed in the Galaxy's halo
Star Clusters by Mike Guidry
Some facts with examples. Runaway Collapse in the Globular Cluster M15?
VLT Images - Star Clusters
Images of several star clusters taken with ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory (Atacama, Chile) - world's largest optical telescope.
Star clusters information from Anglo-Australian Observatory
Some facts. A lot of images of Young open clusters and 'Old' star clusters.
Star Clusters by A. Batman
Some facts. List of images.
Star Clusters information from Astrophysical Directions
Some facts and picture.
Star Clusters - Digital Images of the Sky
Images of several star clusters with parameters of exposition included.
Sea and Sky: Star clusters
Star clusters brief description with images by Sea and Sky.
Star Clusters
Online lecture by James Schombert at the University of Oregon website on basic star clusters properties.
Star Clusters and Nebulae within 10000 light years
A map of the major star clusters and nebulae within 10000 light years.
Open Clusters by the Season - Open clusters are pretty sights in any-sized telescope
An article by Sky and Telescope.
The Importance of Star Clusters in Understanding Stellar Evolution
Astronomy course notes by David Hanes at Queen's University Astronomy Group website.
Star Clusters
Introduction to star clusters by Chris Clowes.
HubbleSite - News Releases about Star Cluster
Hubble Space Telescope news releases related to star clusters.
Star Clusters
Introduction to star clusters, their classification and evolution. A Review of the Universe website - Structures, Evolutions, Observations, and Theories.
Best of AOP: Star Clusters (open and globular)
Best Images of the Advanced Observing Program of National Optical Astronomy Observatory, available to the public at the Kitt Peak Visitor Center.
Astronomy Answers: Universe Family Tree: Star Cluster
A brief description of star clusters by Dr. Louis Strous from the Utrecht University.
Caltech Astronomy : Palomar Observatory Star Cluster Images
Astronomical Images from the Palomar Observatory.
Star cluster
Information on star clusters by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
An online lecture at the Ohio State University website by professor Barbara Ryden.
The Star Clusters Young & Old Newsletter
A bi-montlhy newsletter devoted to star cluster research linked to the WEBDA database @ Lausanne University.
MOdeling DEnse STellar systems
MODEST is a loosely knit collaboration between various groups working in stellar dynamics, stellar evolution, and stellar hydrodynamics. Our aim is to provide a software framework for large-scale simulations of dense stellar systems, within which existing codes for dynamics, stellar evolution, and hydrodynamics can be easily coupled. The MODEST web site is hosted by the manybody consortium.
M31's Strange New Star Clusters - Astronomy Magazine article
Our neighbor galaxy, M31, has at least seven star clusters that appear to be in a class by themselves. The new clusters each contain at least 100,000 stars, bearing a resemblance to globular clusters, but are much larger and much more spread out.
Astronomy Lecture Notes - Star Clusters and their evolution
A brief introduction to star clusters at the website of the University of Mississippi.
Star cluster concept from the Astronomy Knowledge Base
Definition, main properties and examples of star clusters.
Star Clusters
A brief introduction to star clusters' properties at the Journey Through the Galaxy website.
Star clusters. Open and Globular
Images of star clusters by Gilbert A. Esquerdo.
Galaxy Photography Star Clusters
Star cluster images by Jason Ware.
APOD: 2008 January 31 - Young Star Cluster Westerlund 2
Dusty stellar nursery RCW 49 surrounds young star cluster Westerlund 2 in this remarkable composite skyscape from beyond the visible spectrum of light.
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