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 IndexExtragalactic ObjectsRadio sources
the objects of very small angular size and of colossal radio-emission
BL Lacertae objects (blazars)
the active galactic nucleus emitting in the bands from radio to X-ray
Radio galaxies
the galaxies extremely bright in the radio band
Master list of radio sources
Master list of radio sources, updated in 1978.
The brightest extragalactic radio sources
Map of brightest extragalactic radio sources at 11 cm wavelength with brief comment.
Diffuse Radio Sources in Clusters of Galaxies
Observation and examination of types of diffuse radio sources in clusters of galaxies - thesis by Tara Murphy.
Radio Astronomy
Brief description of primary types of radio sources and physical mechanisms of cosmic radio emission from EncycloZine - an online encyclopedia.
Galaxy Evolution: Radio sources and their environments
A review of radio sources research at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge.
Radio sources identification
A brief review of current activities in the field of radio sources identification at the website of Special Astrophysical Observatory in Russia.
Lunar Occulations of Radio Sources
Using lunar occultations to measure the angular structure of radio sources. Description of techniques and research activities at Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute by Michael W. Castelaz.
The Third Cambridge Catalog of Radio Sources
The 3C Catalog is the result of observations with the Cambridge four-element interferometer at a frequency of 159MHz, and contains 471 sources between declinations -22 and 71 degrees, with a flux density larger than 8Jy.
Radio source concept from the Astronomy Knowledge Base
Definition, main properties and examples of radio sources.
Next Space VLBI Mission "VSOP-2" by HALCA
The VSOP mission with HALCA achieved a number of remarkable results. The follow-on mission, VSOP-2 by ASTRO-G satellite, was approved as ISAS's 25th scientific satellite project. With significant improvements in performance, the VSOP-2 will challenge uncharted areas in astronomy. An article by Hisashi HIRABAYASHI at the website of Japan's Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.
The Radio Optical Reference Frame Optical Image Database (OID)
Presented here are preliminary results of an ongoing program to obtain precise optical positions of the RORF sources. The radio frame, defined by the positions of selected extragalactic radio sources, can now be established to an accuracy of better than one milliarcsecond.
Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory
Introduction to observing techniques for radio astronomy.
Radio astronomy
A chapter on radio astronomy from the Cambridge University Press Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics by Martin V. Zombeck.
Ninth Cambridge survey at 15GHz
A web page by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
APOD: September 30, 1995 - An Energetic Radio Galaxy
The radio and optical emission seen in the superposed images of the radio galaxy 3C368 indicate that energetic processes are at work.
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